Reiki And Spiral Stabilization In Brighton, Sussex

Welcome to Three Temples. When you find yourself suffering with back pain, low energy levels and stress, how do you deal with this? Are you recovering from injury or surgery? Do you want to improve your posture, flexibility and comfort? Perhaps you are an athlete seeking to improve movement and performance? Or just to find an oasis of calm in your busy day?


Three Temples practitioner, Beccy Guildford, is an experienced Reiki and Spiral Stabilization provider based in Brighton, Sussex. These non surgical treatments help to reduce back pain, plus improve movement and overall well being. They are your opportunity to take time out and relax in a safe pair of hands.


Services include:

  • Spiral Stabilization (SPS) Free Assessment 20 mins
  • Spiral Stabilization (SPS) - 1 hour
  • Reiki - 30 minute or 60 minute treatments
  • Reiki and SPS combined treatment - 1 hour
  • SPS cord for home practice available to buy  
  • Gift vouchers for Reiki and Spiral Stabilization treatment - from just £5


“My core is stronger, posture is better and I’m really enjoying the freedom of movement that I thought I may never regain. I feel very confidant with Beccy, she is a fantastic practitioner and very attentive in the sessions so I feel I am in safe hands.”

Owen Brooks


The Only Spiral Stabilization Practitioner In Sussex

Beccy is the only local provider of Spiral Stabilization (SPS) in Sussex. This is a revolutionary exercise technique correcting posture and movement to heal and nourish the central nervous system. SPS reduces pain, heals spinal disease and brings improvement to overall health. Read more about reducing your back pain with Spiral Stabilization here

Core Values - Looking After You

At Three Temples, looking after the client is the number one aim. Together we can improve your well-being through listening, discovering and guiding you to health using the treatments available.


Our core values are: 

  • To offer the best advice and treatment for each individual client's holistic recovery.
  • To really listen to you and offer you support on your journey back to great health.
  • To have happy clients who leave feeling better than when they arrived. 
  • To enable you to make positive changes to your lifestyle. 


“Beccy is knowledgable and intuitive, good at going at the right pace for me and intuiting what I needed to progress. She's been very helpful for me indeed!”

Yasmin Kapadia


"A very professional service, Beccy put me at ease and made me feel relaxed, an excellent service, highly recommended, would definitely use again."

David Ilbrey


Get in touch now to book a Reiki or Spiral Stabilization session in Brighton. 


Or, should you have any questions, please do email or call: Email, phone 07778 524926. 


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